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Bolo is a secondary villain in the 1973 Hong Kong martial arts action film Enter the Dragon he is playd by Bolo Yeung he is the chef enforcer to the main villain of the movie han Lee the movies hero playd by Bruce Lee arrives on Han's island Joining him are other competitors including Roper, and Williams, after nightfall Lee begins searching the island for evidence and finds a underground base, where drugs are being manufactured and tested on unwitting prisoners he puts down several guards and returns to his room and the next day han punishes the guards for failure in their duties by leaving them to the hands of the sadistic Bolo, Han's chief bodyguard who kills all 4 guards bolo is next seen at the end of the movie Han asks Roper to fight Lee as a test of his loyalty. Roper refuses, so Han has him fight Bolo instead, Roper and bolo go back and forth with bolo getting the upper hand in the end Roper kills bolo.