One of the Beast Generals sent to conquer any planets they could get their hands on, Blokk was a firm believer in the brute force method. He gets carried away quite easily, and is definitely not as intelligent as Lamprey. If he had it his way, he would launch an all-out assault on the Alliance and wipe them out with his Beast Drones. After their failure in the first season, Blokk and Lamprey returned to the Beast Planet and were tortured and beaten. However, at the end of the series, he accomplishes killing Lord Mantel and several inhabitants of Planet Rock, but meets his end at Graveheart's hands. Blokk had a habit of "jittering" his skull during the first season, but stopped when Lamprey told him that it annoyed her. Late during season two he regained his "jitter" whenever he became angered. He is voiced by Scott McNeil who gave him a thick German accent.

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