You can't fault a Mofo for intensity, but in this case, you can certainly make fun of him.

The immortal Black Knight has been the subject of many tales and movie line quotations in high schools and colleges across the land. So much so that many forget that he was quite the villain (read: Mofo) and actually scores pretty decently on the big board here.

King Arthur was riding through the forest when he suddenly happened upon this dark figure in his way. The King was intimidated but stood his ground. The mysterious warrior in his path fought with his last ounce of strength until defeated. Or, you could say, he got decapitated and Arthur just got bored with the fight.

Either way, there's not much to say beyond the Knight's memorable scene other than the fact that he is (and should be) committed.

INTELLIGENCE - 2: "You're a loony."

POWER - 6: He looks strong, but his agility and skills with the sword are no match for the King.

VILENESS - 5: Threatens to "bite yer legs off." Indeed, he is prepared to kill in any number of ways.

SWAY - 5: It's plausible to believe that no one has ever called him on the "none shall pass" decree before.

PURITY - 10: Even after being knocked down to eye level with a tree stump, the Black Knight fights on. He'll never stop.

PHYSICAL - 8: The black armor. The steadiness. The quiet intensity. Such are the elements of a successful villain.

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