Baby jane

We don't go old school around here too often, but this is one Crazy Mofo-ette I couldn't resist. The former child star, Baby Jane Hudson (Bette Davis), saw her fame disappear as she got older and fell out of the public's favor. Her sister, Blanche (Joan Crawford), on the other hand, would begin to enjoy a fabulous career as a glamourous Hollywood star.

One evening, a terrible (and mysterious) car accident crippled Blanche, and Jane ended up taking care of her. However, Jane despised her sister; her jealousy and bitterness over losing her own fame transformed her into a very ugly person, physically and mentally. Jane would delight in terrorizing Blanche, from preventing all outside contact and serving her rats for lunch.

Jane was very lonely, though, and without her sister to turn to for love, she turned back to the public in the hopes that she could recapture her childhood glory. Bette Davis' performance earned her a well-deserved Oscar nomination, whipping Baby Jane back and forth between jubilation, rage, and misery. Ultimately, the relationship between the sisters would be uncovered as far more complex than first imagined, and the true monster behind the ugliness of their relationship would be revealed. But the person that Baby Jane Hudson had become could never be the cute little girl who danced for "Daddy" so many years ago.

INTELLIGENCE - 5: Jane didn't have to do much to keep Blanche hidden away in the upstairs bedroom.

POWER - 4: She is older and therefore weaker physically, but easily able to overpower her invalid sister.

VILENESS - 6: It wasn't just the rats for lunch. It was a lot more, and between sisters, it cut deep.

SWAY - 7: Jane was an absolute terror at times, but kept a piece of her Baby Jane sweetness and innocence around just in case.

PURITY - 9: So jealous and bitter, Jane did everything she could to make her sister suffer. She just couldn't let go of the spotlight either.

PHYSICAL - 6: Her moral ugliness manifested in a physical (and frightening) way in her later years.

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