Arktos is an evil snowman and the main antagonist of Tabaluga and its 1997 TV series. According to Tabaluga's biography, he has to stop him from turning his home into a frozen wasteland. He also serves as the main antagonist in the 1999 Germany-only video game. His eyes are yellow on his hat. He also appears in the musical, Tabaluga and Lilli.

Biography Edit

Ruler of the Ice World, Arktos has eyes attached to his top hat and a collection of frozen animals. Although he has a fond of ice cream, Arktos plans to turn Greenland into a frozen wasteland. His workers of the Ice World are polar bears, seals, walruses, musk oxen, and penguins. In addition, he has a wolf worker in one episode ("Someone is cheating"). Not only that, but chameleon worker Kayo works for him alongside James. He also has a pet shark named Fritz who broke his carrot nose. Arktos also has a penguin named James who assists him. He also has an owl named Shouhu who is his former prisoner for him to foresee. Arktos has a walrus named Attila, who is his cook, including an ambassador which is a vulture named Vultur. In the episode Humsin, Arktos reforms in this episode, along with the other residents of Greenland, and his residents of his kingdom also help get Humsin out of the kingdom since he is damaging the forest's environment. Sometimes, he and Humsin have an argument to destroy Greenland by determining which element to choose. Sometimes, this is why he reforms in some episodes from the second season to the third season.

Villainous Roles Edit

  • His most famous villainous role is when he and James raise a baby crocodile. The two attempt to take care of him. Arktos abandoned the innocent baby crocodile. The crocodile's mother starts to chase after Tabaluga, thinking he abused her baby. He points her that it was Arktos and James who abused him. The mother crocodile calls it child abuse. She tries to kill the James and Arktos who abused the child. He and James later get chased away by the mother crocodile for kidnapping her baby. This appears in the episode, "Mother Arktos."

Other media Edit

  • Arktos also appears in the 1990 game show Tabaluga tivi in live action.
  • Arktos makes his final cartoon appearance in the movie Tabaluga and Leo as the main antagonist. He plans to destroy Greenland with a bulldozer which is from Leo. In the human world, Leo's family accidentally crashes into him. Though he is not dead yet, James takes his body to restore him in his castle.

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