Adrian Forrester

14-year-old Adrian Forrester (Alicia Silverstone) was the sweet little girl next door, but when a journalist named Nick (Cary Elwes) moved into the apartment over the garage at her parents' home, she had found a new Crush. She started with some harmless flirting and wearing revealing clothing, but when that wasn't enough to finish the job, she tried the direct approach and went after Nick physically. Nick, being twice her age, did the right thing and turned Darian down; according to Darian, however, that was the wrong thing.

Soon after, Darian would begin performing the kind of acts that bitter ex-girlfriends would even be ashamed of. Nick became the victim of such "woman scorned" pasttimes as scratching up the guy's car, deleting important files so he'll be ruined at work, and leaving 6000 angry messages on his machine. That was just the tip of the iceberg, though, because when Darian found out Nick had a real girlfriend, she became insanely jealous, engineering a stunt to lock the girlfriend in a photographer's dark room and filling the sealed room with angry bees.

The real pies de resistance, however, was even more disturbing. Following a physical encounter with Nick, Darian faked an assault on herself and even stole a used condom from Nick's apartment to, ahem, "plant the evidence" of an apparent rape. Darian's only remaining friend her own age, Cheyenne (a young Amber Benson from Buffy!), would finally try to stop Darian, and end up with a broken arm because of it. But Nick finally took things into his own hands when Darian held Cheyenne hostage in exchange for his love. Nick would finally convince Darian's dad that she was a friggin' nutcase after punching her out during a surreal climax involving a carousel in the attic of their home. Darian would end up in a mental institution, unable to let go of her obsession with Nick, that is, until a new man worthy of her undying love - her doctor, to be exact - would come along. Gah... *chills*

INTELLIGENCE - 6: Fairly clever at times for a girl her age...

POWER - 4: ...but she fights like a little girl.

VILENESS - 8: Went to incredible lengths to get rid of Nick's girlfriend, her meddling friend Cheyenne, and even to fake her own rape.

SWAY - 6: Being sweet on the outside and so young, plenty of people bought her act.

PURITY - 7: Her shrine to Nick is certainly chilling, but she'll call for daddy when she's in trouble.

PHYSICAL - 6: Her sweet little girl next door exterior certainly worked on some people.

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